These pages have been created to help and assist my students who learn and study English with me. I teach students with different learning abilities, young and more mature. Anybody CAN learn. What’s stopping you? Excuses?

Our life circumstances are various, some of us need to learn a foreign language as our livelihood, or promotion depends on that.

Obtaining a job that is better suited to our abilities and education will create a climate that leads to self-satisfaction and happiness.

You have moved to a different country and plan to go to school, college or university, or maybe you attend conferences on a regular basis and prepare presentations. You are an expert in your field and you want to share this knowledge and expertise with others so they would benefit from it.

Ability to express your thoughts on paper or in a speech in an eloquent, well put together, a cohesive chain of thoughts definitely creates an aura of understanding on a different level.

This connection is needed among people of different nations for a better understanding of our conditions and situations in life but also to create friendships.

If anybody criticizes your efforts or does not have the patience to hear you out – stay away from them – their reasons are selfish and negative. You need support and belief in yourself to progress.

Communicating with like-minded people brings joy.